Library news

Welcome to our blog.

New carpets have caused lots of delays in tidying the shelves and putting the place back together.

This will probably take a few weeks to sort out.

Meanwhile we carry on providing a great resource centre for students and a lunchtime retreat on most days.

Students and parents can use the library before and after school. We hope to see you soon!

Learning focus: We are learning to be responsible users of the library and choose books that we are interested in reading.

Year Prep, and Year 1/2 students visit the library every week with their classroom teacher. They are introduced to new books and given time to browse and borrow.

A library bag is important to help each student manage their books between the library and home.

Books should be returned weekly or fortnightly.

Learning focus: Years 3.6- We are learning to discuss and describe features of various book genres. We can identify and describe our appreciation for various texts we have read.

Year 3.4 classes have started Term 1 trying to create posters about their favourite fiction genre. Some students have not read widely… need to try new things. Trying to describe book genres such as fantasy, realistic fiction, comedy, diaries, action/adventure, historic fiction, science fiction has been a challenge for some.

Students are working in small groups to create a poster advertising their favourite book genre.

Come in to the library to see some of their work.

Year 5.6 classes have already established their understanding of some genres. Interesting that some students have not heard or understood what fantasy and science fiction mean in relation to books. Our aim is to challenge students to read more widely, rather than staying with safe ‘old favourites’. Students are creating persuasive sentences to advertise their favourite book genre and attaching some book cover images to their posters.

These classes will also attempt a non-fiction poster about a topic of interest, while learning about the Dewey Decimal system used to catalogue and shelve non fiction books in most libraries.

Please encourage students to widen their reading choices by taking them to Sunbury Library and various good book stores. It is great to use online book stores for searches, reading reviews of books they would like to try.

Toddler Storytime

Focus: to provide members of the community with access to a regular storytime, music and activity session which will include babies, toddlers, children, parents, grandparents and friends.

Last year we had babies and toddlers ( and lots of parents)  attend every session. Our oldest visitor was 80! This time provides an opportunity for parent involvement in the school environment. It is a great experience for your pre-school child to participate in school activities. It is great to see the children develop early literacy skills, by sharing books with others and through participating in a lively, friendly and fun music and story session.

Watch the School Newsletter for upcoming sessions. This year it will be held on Wednesday afternoons starting at 2.40 pm. until 3.20. We usually meet 3 or 4 times each term rather than weekly!

Heather Huke